The Ultimate Lap Dance Course For Women Who Want To Bring Out Their Hot Sexy Side Without Going Anywhere!

You Will Learn Everything You Need To Know To Give a Soul Snatching Lap Dance:

  • Know your body and understand how to use each part the best way possible
  • Learn to move your body, shake it, wiggle it and drive your man crazy
  • Perfect the moves you need to keep the excitement and the temperature rising every second
  • Master all the essential chair flips to get in and out of the chair
  • Learn the 11 key sensual dance moves that will make your man be possessed by your sexy

All This And A Lot More – All At Your Home!

Leave Them Longing Is A Completely Online Course, So You Do Not Have To Attend Any Classes In Secret To Surprise Your Partner Or Set Appointments With Your Instructor!

Login Into The Workshop And Practice As Much As You Want, When You Want, Wherever You Want!

Decide Your Own Pace And Schedule. Once You Sign Up, This Course Is Yours Forever!

So, Let’s Get Started, Be In Control & Make Them Longing For You As Long As You Want

Investment for my perfect lap dance: Now only $67! (Regular price $147)

What they say about Leave Them Longing

I purchased Leave Them Longing because I wanted to work on being slow, sultry, and seductive. The videos were well explained and very easy to follow and I am already seeing a difference in my sexy! - Emily

Taking classes from Tera is a lesson is self-esteem and sisterhood. I have taken group and private lessons taught by her and have always walked away feeling accomplished and sexy. She does an amazing job not only teaching how to move and dance, but how to be comfortable with it all and have fun. Whether it’s hair flips and body rolls or lifts and twirls, Tera truly makes you believe you can do it all. I took one class with the intent of satisfying curiosity. Now, I find myself being an eager student during every session I can attend. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved me. However, Tera’s classes have definitely instilled more confidence in me. I am sexy, confident and comfortable. Sweet-T taught me.  - Neka


Questions and Answers About Leave Them Longing

How I am going to learn how to dance online?

Its 2017! We learn from and consume so much information online these days. Learning dance will be no different. There are already several online communities who teach pole dance online. They are Cleo’s Rock N Pole, Studio Veena, and 123poling.com so this isn’t a new idea at all! I will be there to walk you through every step, step by step. The course will be available via an online portal and you can always reach out to me with questions or concerns. 

What is an online course going to do for me?

We are so busy these days! Between kids, jobs, relationships, community service, and everything else women have on our plates and getting to a studio physically may not be feasible or you just might not have one in your area or you just might be shy (which is okay and understandable!) With online courses, you don’t have to leave your house! Everything you purchase will be available forever so you will be able to watch your course at YOUR convenience and when you feel comfortable.

Why should I purchase from you?

I am an educator at heart with a professional background in higher education. I actually took my first online class during my MBA program waaaaaay back in 2005! Seems like ages ago now. I have been teaching several genres of dance to students of all ages since college (I won’t say how many years ago that was) and been teaching pole dance since 2014. I started taking pole dance classes in 2010 and have had some wonderful instructors and not so wonderful instructors and have taken some online pole dance classes myself. I have pulled from all of these experiences to hone my teaching technique in order to deliver the absolute best experience for you.

I don’t have a man. Why do I need a lap dance course?

For when you get a man! Joking (kind of). I actually haven’t been in a serious relationship the entire time I’ve been pole dancing. I’ve taken several lap dance classes over the years because they are fun! Its great to have the opportunity to feel sexy even if it is just for you! They remind me that I am a sexy confident beast and have prepared me to wow my future boo (where ever the hell he is!)

What exactly am I going to learn?

A full lap dance routine from beginning to end. All the choreography you need will be taught to you during Leave Them Longing. In addition to the routine, I will give you sexy dance moves to use in case you want to improvise during the dance or in the event you get stuck and forget the routine! I have polled several gentlemen and will be giving out tips straight from them! All of this content for lifetime access to create a long lasting impression on your partner!