The Best Websites to Buy Your Pole Dance Gear

It is time to go shopping! Buying new clothes for pole dance can be one of the best experiences. You are feeling confident and sexy and ready to start showing off! I have bought shorts from so many different places over the years and it is amazing to see how small my shorts have gotten since I’ve started pole dancing. I just love looking at all the pretty shoes on websites too! I am going to provide some of my favorite places to get pole dance gear from!

1. Bad Kitty/PoleFit attire. Bad Kitty started out as a website just for stripper attire and shoes but a few years ago launched a line of clothing for pole fitness named PoleFit. The PoleFit tops and shorts are so comfortable! Not only that the shorts are well suited for those women who may have a more ample bottom than others. They come in a lot of colors and styles so you have plenty to choose from. Looking for costumes and shoes? No problem as Bad Kitty still sells your standard sexy costumes and shoes.

2. Cleo The Hurricane - Cleo’s attire is for the rocker chick in you! Sidenote: I met Cleo in person once and she is amazing! Anyways, back to the clothes. Cleo’s clothing is shiny, can be really tiny, and will definitely make you feel like you are ready to play a mean air guitar. She also sells some super cute knee pads and leggings on her website.

3. Artista Apparel - If you are looking for classy, simple outfits that can be used for competitions or performances, check out Artista Apparel! One of my favorite things about Arista Apparel is that they feature models of different shapes and colors sporting their clothes on the website! It gets really old just seeing small women featured wearing clothing so I appreciate Artista for showcasing a variety of women.

4. Snaz75 - This is where I have ordered every single one of my “gym” shoes from and even a couple of outfits for performances. They regularly have sales and send coupons around holidays so make sure to get on their mailing list. Snaz is where you will find stripper shoes, lingerie, and other costumes. Pleasers and Ellie shoes are the most popular brands of shoes and you will find plenty to choose from on Snaz.

5. PoleActive - Can’t decide on a brand? Have too many tabs of websites selling pole dance attire and can’t keep them straight? PoleActive solves that problem for you by selling several pole dance attire brands on one site! Here you get to see a lot of styles, brands, colors, everything in one place. It is so convenient! You can even get clothes from brands that aren’t based in the United States. So very cool!

Call me old fashioned but there is something about shopping in person that I still very much enjoy. There are plenty of brick and mortar stores where you can get pole dance attire from too! I have gotten yoga shorts from Victoria’s Secret and Walmart (yes Walmart, don’t knock it, pole dance is expensive!) Recently I have lucked out and gotten a couple of pairs of shorts from the Juniors department of Ross. You can also shop at stores that sell going out/party clothes for cute tops and shorts suitable for pole dance performances. Basically I just started to keep my eyes open and noticed clothes for pole dance everywhere. Have fun shopping and don’t forget to take a lot of pictures in your new pole dance gear!