Five Things I Love About Being A Pole Dance Instructor

I have been teaching pole dance formally for almost three years and it is the best job I have ever had point blank period. Teaching other women helped me love and appreciate women so much more than I ever did in life. I will sometimes catch myself with a goofy grin on my face watching my students dance because I love how proud of themselves they are and how amazing they look. Here are my top five reasons for why I love teaching pole dance.

1. I get to celebrate wins with my students. Sometimes that win is a new move or learning a new concept. Sometimes that win is a personal win and I get to congratulate students on babies, marriages, or new jobs. Sometimes that win is simply showing up to class if that student was having a bad day. I love hearing students say “I wasn’t feeling it today, but your class helped me feel so much better.” I absolutely love it. Any win for my student is a win for me. Their wins constantly show me that I am serving my purpose and doing the right thing in life. Seeing how happy they are has brightened some of my saddest days. I also love celebrating the wins of any pole dance student, not just mine. Whenever someone comes to me and says how much they love pole dance or tags me in a video, I am happy.

2. Pole dance is one of those exercises that forces you to grow. If you have been recording yourself from the beginning like I have, you can look back on those older videos and see how much you have grown over the years. I love seeing how my students change doing pole dance. I watch them transform from shy, unsure women to confident and sexy women who love pole dancing. In just a few lessons I can see how my students change mentally and physically and it is just so awesome to see. I watch them get stronger and their reactions are priceless when they start to see it for themselves. They will say things like “Hey I was practicing the other day and my invert is getting better!” I could already see this but I love hearing them say it and feeling their excitement. It is also very cool watching students who were scared to try anything flip to wanting to try everything! They become no longer cautious and timid but rather turn into eager, fearless students and it is simply amazing to see.

3. Sometimes my students hate me but I am okay with that. They hate me because I push them out of their comfort zone. They hate me because I make them do things on both sides. They hate me because sometimes pole dance hurts but I push them through the pain to be better. I get real upfront and personal with my students. I love they trust me to spot them and lead them in the right direction. I am grateful for the opportunity to help turn them into better dancers and better women. Every push and nudge I give my students is because I know they can be better and I believe they can do it even when they tell me they can’t. I try and train students to say “Okay I am going to try that” instead “I can’t do that!” I feel like a parent sometimes because every push really is out of love and not pain. They never seem to hate me forever, just while I am making them try something for the fifth time :)

4. Being a pole dance instructor has absolutely pushed me to become a better dancer. In order to teach I have to keep with my training myself. Additionally when my students want to try new things, I have to be ready and willing to try with them. Teaching has definitely kept me on my toes and I have learned so much about teaching along the way. To be better for my students I am constantly asking the advice of other instructors and looking up moves and combos online. When I take classes, I learn not only for myself but also for my students. I have definitely had to work on the balance of being a student and teacher because there have been times when I have poured so much into my teaching and not given anything for myself but I think I have it now. Teaching has allowed me to not be complacent with my dancing at all. So while my students grow, I am growing with them.

5. I consider myself to be an educator at heart and have a professional background in higher education. Pole dance is by far the sexiest thing I have ever taught. Seeing women feel sexy and confident in their own skin is something that never gets old to me. I love empowering women to love themselves and their body. I get to say things like “Smack your booty!” or “Rub your breasts!” and sometimes I get to smack the booties too! It is too much fun and I really can’t say that enough. Pole dance allows women to be sensual and sexy and I love watching women show how sexy they are. When students get out of their heads and just dance like no one is watching it does something for them and for me. It never gets old and I hope it never does.

I am grateful for every single student who chooses to learn from me. I can’t express that enough. I love that I get the opportunity to watch them grow and change. I love seeing women be sexy and confident in their own skin. I plan on teaching pole dance as long as I possibly can because I love getting to see firsthand how awesome women are.