How Pole Dance Will Help You Get The Body You Love

    A lot of people ask me exactly how pole dance helps you get in shape. Everyone knows it is a great workout but the piece of puzzle explaining exactly how that happens is missing. Pole dance has huge physical as well as mental benefits. Honestly any exercise you do consistently will help you lose weight but pole dance is different because it helps you get in shape as well as makes you feel sexy. I am going to break down exactly what happens to your body during pole dance that helps you love it.

    Pole dance is a full body workout. You are constantly engaging muscles that have never been used or haven’t been used in a long time. Your core, back, shoulders, and arms are guaranteed to get a good workout during your pole dance class. As you get more advanced you start to use these muscles even more for aerial tricks and combos. There are moves where you have to use your core to flip upside down, your arms and shoulders to push your body up while upside down, and use your core again to stabilize while you are in the air. It is not an easy thing to do so you can see how your muscles start to get a good workout. When you combine pole tricks with other activity for cardio, viola, pounds start to shed and your body starts to get more toned. I chose dance classes for cardio but there are plenty of dancers who run or do other forms of exercise to sweat. When I was heavily training, I would take two pole classes a week along with two dance classes and one flexibility class. You couldn’t tell me anything! I felt super strong and super sexy all the time.

    Most pole dance students start out wearing regular shorts and t-shirts for their dance class and this is a great start! However the further up you get in your training, the more you will need to have skin exposed to stick to the pole. The shorts get shorter and more of your body starts to get shown. This can be a big deal for anyone who is used to being covered up. But an amazing thing starts to happen. You start to focus more on what your body is capable of doing rather than what your body looks like doing it. When you have to have your skin exposed there is no turning back, you are forced to look at your body and eventually you say to yourself “It is what it is.” Over the years, pole dance has helped me lose a lot of weight however even before I started losing weight I started to be okay with showing my body and wearing clothes to show off my curves instead of constantly hiding them.

    Being around women who constantly affirm you and want you to reach your goals is great for body confidence. Your classmates and teachers will constantly tell you how awesome you are, how awesome you look, and how awesome you are doing which leads to much less scrutiny of your body. You will start to believe in your body and not be so ashamed of it. Additionally you will want to work harder so you feel like everyone has something to actually compliment you on. Most studios have showcases or recitals where you will get a chance to show off your skills. Your friends and family will be there to cheer you on. Imagine hearing your friends yell out “You better work!” during your show. You will feel great about your progress. Others will start to notice the changes in your body, give you compliments, and ask where you’ve been working out. I love to say “Pole dancing!” and gauge people’s reactions.

    The physical and mental benefits of pole dancing go together. I really can not stress that enough. Physically your body is changing due to the strenuous yet fun workout. Mentally you start to feel better about yourself and you feel sexy. If you have had issues with body confidence before, pole dance is a great fit. When your body and mind feel great, amazing things begin to happen to your overall spirit. In shape means everything in your entire body is clicking together and this happens when you start to pole dance. By toning your muscles, making you show skin, and getting affirmation from your peers, pole dance will make you fall in love with your body over and over again.