The Three Ways Pole Dance Can Help In The Bedroom

    I talk a lot about the physical and mental benefits of pole dance. When I started pole dancing, I anticipated the physical changes, but I wasn’t so prepared for the mental benefits. You would think it would be given that pole dance can help in the bedroom but no one really talks about this benefit openly. Pole dance is an extremely sexy form of exercise and after almost seven years of pole dancing I am ready to talk about this advantage of pole dancing. You begin to feel sexy and confident in yourself which is big part of having an enjoyable sex life. I am going to highlight three specific ways pole dance helps in the bedroom.

    Pole dance is a very strenuous exercise. You are using your own body weight for a lot of the moves. For that reason, pole dance increases your stamina and endurance. Sex requires stamina and endurance, especially if you or your partner have high sex drives. No panting and breathing hard just after a few minutes of sex. You’ve been climbing the pole for an hour, you can make it through an intense sex session! And trust with the body you’ve been building through pole dance you will want to have great sex sessions! Pole dance helps to increase your core and leg muscles. These muscles are extremely engaged during some sexual positions so you won’t get worn out if you are on top of your partner for example in the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl position.

    Having good flexibility isn’t a requirement for pole dance, but it helps a lot. Same with having sex, having flexibility isn’t a requirement, but it does help. If you are working on your flexibility while developing your pole tricks, you can transition this skill to your sex life. That position you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t have the flexibility for? Try it! Some positions start to become easier and you can hold them longer. For example, good back flexibility can help in the doggystyle position (face down, a$s up), with a good arch in your back you can toot that booty all the way up! In pole dance this same move is widely taught in beginner’s level classes and used often throughout a pole dancer’s life. You start to get really good at having your butt in the air. That is just one example. I do a lot of splits because I enjoy them and they look good on my legs. When various rappers or random dudes ask “Can you do that on my *bleep*?” I can just give a shy smile or chuckle on the inside. 

    I can’t talk enough about the mental benefits of pole dance. One of these benefits is increased confidence and self-esteem. This can help in your sex life in a variety of different ways. For one, you will become more open-minded and willing to try new things. In our society, you still will have to defend taking pole dance classes for exercise a lot. If you made the decision to try a form of exercise that is against the norm that you happen to be proud of, you are already making steps towards thinking outside the box and being accepting of activity that is typically shunned. You will want to try new experiences with your partner and new positions. Many women who take pole dance classes are sex positive which means they encourage and welcome healthy pleasurable sex. This is a great thing for your sex life!

    I encourage pole dance classes for women for a variety of reasons. Physically you get stronger and in better shape. Mentally you start to gain confidence. When both of these things happen together other changes start to happen in various parts of your life. When it comes to your sex life, pole dance can help you with endurance, flexibility, and willingness to try new things. I can’t think of many other exercises that have the same benefits so let pole dance enhance your sex life!