Five Quick Tips On Giving A Lap Dance

Giving your partner a lap dance can be a very intimate experience. I don’t suggest reserving these for special occasions, in fact I recommend them often as a way to keep the spark in your relationship or even getting the spark back. I want you to give the best lap dance so keep reading for these tips on what not to do.

  1. Do not be unprepared! Whether that means having choreography in mind, being liquored up, or having a list of go to songs make sure you are ready. If you aren’t prepared you might fumble your way through the dance which could make for a very awkward experience for you and your partner. If you have learned a dance, review the choreography a few times before so you don’t forget anything. Additionally you should have some moves on standby in the event you do forget the routine so you aren’t standing there looking weird.

  2. What you are wearing is very important. You will want to make sure you feel sexy and confident. Do not wear anything you don’t feel sexy in. If you feel your sexiest in a t-shirt and thong, wear that. You don’t always have to wear sexy lingerie. Your partner will enjoy you in whatever you are wearing as long you feel good wearing it. Thongs aren’t really my thing personally but I love a lacy pair of boyshorts and tank top combo. Of course if lingerie makes you feel your best, please wear that! Students have told me they have worn everything from their husband’s favorite t-shirt to purchased lingerie for their dances.

  3. Do not underestimate how much space you need. I don’t want you to damage anything while you are dancing. You will want to have space to move and dance around your partner. I teach a move where you flip off your partner’s lap and once in executing this move in real life I was too worried about kicking something that I messed it up. I was super disappointed! He didn’t know, but I really wanted to get that move right so next time I will make sure I have enough space! Space is also important to have in event you are ready to get it on right there on the floor when you are finished dancing.

  4. The music you pick will play a very important role in your lap dance. Don’t choose a song you aren’t familiar with or a song you don’t like. You won’t be into the dance at all and it won’t be fun for you. Now if you let your partner pick the song you better act like it is your favorite song in the whole entire world while you are dancing to it. I suggest having a playlist ready or picking your favorite song and putting it on repeat. Trust me, after a while you won’t even be paying attention to what is playing ;)

  5. This might be the most important tip. Do not underestimate or doubt yourself. Your partner is going to enjoy damn near anything that you do. Get out of your head, girl! This your opportunity to tease your partner and let them enjoy you and your body. Don’t mess it up by thinking you aren’t good enough or you are going to do something wrong.

Intimacy is lit. A lap dance is a great way to keep your relationship strong no matter what time of year it is. Dancing for your partner is fun, free and doesn’t take a lot of time, plus the sex after will be amazing. If anything goes wrong during the lap dance redeem yourself during the sex! However, I doubt anything will go wrong and your partner will enjoy anything you do for them and be super appreciative. So let loose, get to dancing, and enjoy the time you spend dancing for your partner!

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