Choosing The Right Music To Unleash Your Inner Pole Dancing Diva

This post is going to discuss one of my favorite things in the world, music! The songs you choose for you practice sessions, parties, twerk sessions, performances can make a huge difference in how you dance. I am going to break down choosing a song and highlight some of my favorite songs!

There are literally millions of songs to choose from when it comes to selecting a song for a competition or performance. It can take months to find the perfect song that speaks to you and moves you to deliver an awesome performance. First tip is to choose a song you like. If you are preparing for any kind of routine where you will be on stage, you are going to have to listen to your song a lot. Not just a little bit, a lot, so it is very important to choose a song you love. Because you will be listening to your song a lot, I tend to stay away from songs currently playing on the radio. You will be annoyed with it. Not only will you be annoyed with it, your audience might be annoyed with it too. I attended a competition once and two girls competing in the same division used the exact same song. How embarrassing! I would never want that to happen to you so dig deep into that music collection and be creative.

A good way to discover new music is to try out different playlists through streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music. Spotify releases new music and playlists on a weekly basis. I have also gone back and listened to older albums to see if there were any songs that weren’t released as singles that I loved. I love asking family and friends for song suggestions. They can usually almost always suggest something that I hadn’t thought of. When watching other pole dance videos online, I keep my phone and the Shazam app handy because it is a great way to store the songs you hear when watching videos of other pole performances.

When choosing songs for my practice sessions, I can be way more flexible with my music selections. I try to freestyle on a regular basis and will typically use current popular music for those. I also have several pole playlists that I use. These are on my phone, iPod, and Spotify. I have music everywhere! My iPod has older songs and a pop music playlist that makes me happy. It also has a pole playlist that has almost every song I have ever performed to. My phone has newer songs and the playlists I use when I teach parties. Having music for pole dance is no different from having different playlists for running, weight lifting, or any other kind of exercise. Make sure the music fits your mood! Somedays I will only want to hear 90s R&B while other days I really prefer all rachet club music, it really depends on how I feel!

Here is a list of my twenty favorite songs from different genres!

1.     Brain by Banks

2.    Lose Control by Silk

3.    Let Me See It by UGK

4.    Climax by Usher

5.    Nasty Dancer by Kilo

6.    Would U Mind by Janet Jackson

7.    The Morning by The Weeknd

8.    Elastic Heart by Sia

9.    Countdown by Beyonce

10.  Skin by Rihanna

11.   Say Yes by Floetry

12.   Say It by Ne-Yo

13.   Pop That by French Montanta

14.   No Hands by Waka Flocka

15.   Drop and Gimme 50 – Mike Jones

16.   Speechless by Beyonce

17.   Do It by Mykko Montanta

18.   Bad Habits by Maxwell

19.   Do It by T.I.

20.   What’s My Name by Rihanna