How To Always Keep It Sexy No Matter The Situation

Being a woman is hard. We are constantly feel overweight or too skinny. Our bodies are constantly changing due to hormones, pregnancy, and in my case, pizza. Feeling sexy can feel like a chore. A chore that you really don’t want to do. But you have the desire to feel sexy and don’t know what to do. It’s time I share some tips on how to feel sexy when you don’t feel your absolute best.

I am going to tackle something really challenging first. Feeling sexy when it is that time of the month. Don’t we all feel super gross then? Ovulation has us feeling ourselves only to be rewarded with bloating, cramps, headaches, and fatigue. On that top of that, you have to pull out the granny panties. But it is possible to feel sexy during your cycle. You can make sure your hair looks its absolute best. You can also put on your favorite lip stick or that one bra that makes your boobs look fabulous. These are some small ways you can feel sexy during that terrible time of the month.

You’ve gained a lot of weight. None of your clothes fit. You literally have nothing to wear. You start to feel depressed. You don’t feel sexy at all. Does this sound familiar to you? It sounds familiar to me because it was me. When I gained weight due to stress and a breakup I didn’t feel sexy at all. I didn’t know what to do. I would look in the mirror and feel absolutely disgusted. Aside from trying different workouts, there were other things I did to help me not feel so gross. I bought a few new clothes that fit my new curvier shape. I started to look in the mirror every day and find a compliment to give myself. This was super helpful! When you don’t feel sexy, it is very important to find something you like about yourself, even if it is something as small as patting yourself on the back for being to work on time. Every little compliment helps!

Feeling sexy after a baby can be challenging because your body doesn’t feel your own anymore. If you aren’t a celebrity having all the resources for a quick post-baby snap back isn’t very feasible so getting the weight off right away might not be the best option for you. I talk to women often who don’t feel sexy after having a baby. In fact, this is why some women decide to start taking pole dance classes. If pole dance classes aren’t your thing, there are certainly other things you can do to feel sexy about yourself. One of the sexiest things you can do for yourself after having a baby is taking some time for you, whether it’s a day or hour, don’t forget to do something for you. You can go get your nails or eyebrows done. Feeling sexy isn’t always about physical appearance though, you can randomly wear your favorite perfume or use your favorite lotion one day. Having a baby doesn’t mean your sexy ends.

Some days there isn’t a good reason why don’t feel your best. You might have had a long day at work or gotten in a fight with your significant other. When I have bad days, I find my sexiest satin lingerie and wear it to bed. Sometimes I will walk around the house in my dance heels just because they make me feel sexy. I also have some great bubble bath and candles that smell fabulous that I use when I am feeling down. It is also fun to play in your makeup and send pictures to your friends for feedback. A lot of women like to get in front of the mirror completely naked and admire their body and take pictures when they are feeling down. Taking nude photos (even if you never send them) is great for body confidence and self-esteem. Finally, this might seem counterproductive to any weight loss plan but when I don’t feel sexy, I eat whatever I want. Talenti can be a woman’s best friend.

If none of these things work, get dolled up and visit your favorite weekend hotspot where you live. Go to the bathroom. I promise you the women’s bathroom can be the most affirming place in the world. Dish out and accept all the compliments. Hug strangers and take selfies with them. You will feel amazing.