8 Reasons You Should Exercise At Home Instead Of The Gym

There are a lot of reasons why people have to work out at home. These reasons include pricey gym memberships, too many family commitments, and just don’t have the time to get to the gym. Working out at home definitely has its benefits (say goodbye to creepy guys!) and if you’ve been a member of a gym before it can take some getting used to. Let’s talk about some benefits and tips for working out at home.

1.     You can do it on your own schedule! No more checking gym schedules for class times and opening/closing times. You are saving time by not going to the gym so make sure you are making the best of that extra time. Pick a workout time and STICK TO IT. Take advantage of the fact you have the flexibility to schedule workouts on your own time.

2.     I already mentioned the creepy guys once but I will say it again. Working at home means avoiding the creepy guys at the gym. Whether it’s the guy that stands right behind you or the guy that unnecessarily grunts during his entire workout, you won’t have that in your house.

3.     Icky machines that reek of germs will no longer pose a threat. Yes gyms have signs posted everywhere to wipe down the machines after every use but I am not sure how often people actually do it. There is always one person who is sick who touches a machine and doesn’t clean it. In your house, the only germs you have to worry about are yours.

4.     When you are working out at home alone, you are less likely to be self-conscious about your body and people watching you. You can get loose! I have visited some gyms before that were quite intimidating where everyone seemed in shape and that made me extremely self-conscious about what I was doing since I was not so in shape. With no one watching you, you are more likely to get better results.

5.     You pick the equipment. Some gyms have equipment that isn’t designed well at all and might not be best for you and your fitness goals. Working out at home you means you get to hand select everything you use for your workout. Plus no waiting on machines to be free so you get done with your workout faster and burn more calories since you aren’t stopping and starting!

6.     A lot of busy adults don’t have time to take “me time” outside of the house. Working out at home solves this problem. You can get your me time by not leaving the house to do so. Make sure to let your family know you are about to work out so you won’t be disturbed. If you are working out while a child is sleeping, have the monitor close by so you can hear if your child wakes up. Working out can be mentally and physically rewarding so if working out at home means you get both, do it!

7.     Working out at home can definitely save you money. Gym memberships can add up over time in addition to the gas it takes to travel there, renewal fees, equipment fees, additional fees for special classes, etc. Many people pay for a gym membership because they feel like if they are paying for something, they are more likely to use it. That can work but sometimes it doesn’t. I have wasted a lot of money on gym memberships that I never even used. If you need motivation to work at home since you won’t be spending money, try hanging up your favorite dress and imagine what you want to look like in it. Or hang up some pictures of yourself when you were at or close to your ideal weight.

8.     You get to choose how to want to work out when you do it at home. Gyms usually have a set schedule for classes which rarely change. At home you can switch it up as much as want to. Also you can combine different types of workouts. For example, I love pole dance, technical dance, Zumba and weight lifting. I have yet to find a place that offers all of these classes. If you like kickboxing and yoga you can do them at home. You are more likely to get results if you are doing workouts you really enjoy doing on a consistent basis. I cannot stress that enough.

Working out at home is a great alternative for those who can’t commit to a gym. Plan your workouts ahead of time so you know exactly what you are going to be doing during a session. Don’t forget to block out the time and stick to it!