Get Into Shape by Twerking Those Pounds Away

First things first. Twerking is not new. The dance form has origins in West African dance and has been popular in the southern United States for decades. Women have twerked at parties, strip clubs, and social gatherings for a very long time. When pop singer Miley Cyrus twerked during an awards show, it was suddenly thrust into the mainstream and everyone started doing it. Those who have been doing the dance forever looked on with amusement. Suddenly twerk fitness classes and classes teaching women how to twerk popped up everywhere. Twerking for exercise certainly does have some health benefits. Let’s discuss a few!

Cardio Workout – Twerking can be a great replacement for your cardio regimen. In fact, for years, twerking was the only form of cardio I did on a regular basis. The fast paced music and repetitive moves can really get your heart going. Also, because there are multiple positions you can twerk in, you won’t get bored like you would running on a treadmill or on the elliptical machine. Whether you can twerk well or not, pick a song that is about five minutes long and dance to it for the entire length of the song, then repeat that song five times. You are guaranteed to work up a sweat and burn a few calories that way.

Full Body Workout – Twerking can actually be a full body workout. You can watch people twerk and think “Wow that looks like great leg exercise!” and it is but there are other muscles that benefit from different twerk positions. Remember the Ludacris song about popping in a handstand? That works your upper body, specifically your shoulders. Getting low to the ground requires good leg and core strength. Additionally, twerking can help the glutes get stronger and your hips more flexible. Twerking definitely causes your leg muscles to get stronger and more defined in addition to other muscles in your body. 

Helps You Lose Weight – The combination of a cardio workout and the full body workout can help you lose weight. When done on a consistent basis combined with good eating, it is definitely a form of exercise that can help slim you down. I used to take two cardio twerk classes a week and noticed a difference in my weight after about a month. The fitness benefits are great but because it is a fun workout, you are more likely to stick to it. Consistency is so important when it comes to weight loss and it is best to find workouts you look forward to instead of dreading. Twerking is definitely an exercise you won't get bored doing and therefore you are more likely to see results from it. 

Increases Sexual Satisfaction and Stamina – I am going to try and keep it as clean as possible for this point. There are positions in twerking that mirror sexual positions. If you are practicing these positions often during your exercise, you will get better at them during sexual intercourse. Additionally, your legs and core will be stronger for positions such as the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Your partner might like to see booty isolations during sexual intercourse which will get better as you practice them. Lastly the back in your arch may improve due to using it more therefore you and your partner can get more pleasure out of the doggy style position.

I highly recommend twerking as a form of cardio. The health benefits are great and its fun! So don’t be shy and get that booty moving!