8 Reasons Why You Will Love Pole Dancing

I discovered pole dancing in 2010 when a friend invited me to try a class at a new studio that was opening. I was a year removed from a failed long term relationship and still seeing my ex. It was a challenging time in my life and I knew I needed to make a change. I was overweight, lonely, and life generally just sucked. When pole dance was suggested to me, I thought “Sure why not?” I had always been a dancer was certified to teach Zumba so I figured it would be fun to try a new form of dance and exercise. Boy was I right! I am going to share some reasons to try a pole dance class based on my story.

1.     Gain Confidence – My confidence was damaged after my relationship ended. It didn’t help my ex quickly moved on and was engaged not too long after we broke up (of course right). I needed something to boost my confidence. Pole dance was the perfect fit. I felt like I found an activity that helped me get back to feeling like me. I was doing something productive that made me smile. I started to feel better about myself. I started to feel like me again.

2.     Get in Touch With Your Sensual Side – I know as women we get a lot of mixed messages about being sexy and embracing your sexually. Too sexy and we are called hoes, fast, or hussies. On the flip side, if you aren’t sexy enough women receive messages saying your partner will cheat on you. I had completely lost how to be and feel sexy. Between gaining weight and getting dumped, I had no idea how to tap into the sensual side that all women have. In pole dance class, I learned to stare at myself in the mirror while rubbing and enjoying my curves. I did hair flips and body rolls and it felt good to feel sexy again.

3.     Improve Your Self-Esteem – You are already ahead of the game if you step out of your comfort zone and try a new workout. What is cool about pole dancing is you are trying something new, being feminine, and having fun all at the same time. I can’t think of many workouts that allow you to do that. It is definitely a great way to boost your self-esteem if you are looking to bounce back after a baby, feel good after a break-up, or spark a flame in your sex life.

4.     Get in Shape – Pole dancing can help you get in shape in so many different ways. You will gain upper body strength, tone your body, strengthen your core, and gain flexibility just to name a few health benefits. If you are looking to lose weight, pole dancing coupled with a modified diet will help you get results.  When I first started taking classes, I dropped 15 lbs in the first few months. Now I admit my weight has fluctuated over the years (I love pizza), but there are no traces of fat-faced me remaining. Just recently, my sister and I were looking at a picture from a years ago and I was the only one who had gotten smaller! Pole dance is my main source of exercise with other types of dance classes thrown in for variety. It will help you keep that unwanted weight off!

5.        Make New Friends – I call the friends I have made through pole dance my pole sisters. We have celebrated birthdays, weddings, babies, divorces and just about everything together. I hear a lot that it is hard to make friends once you get older and through pole dancing I figured out a way to meet women I consider my family. You share the common interest of wanting to get in shape and the desire to feel sexy doing it. You will get to know the people you take classes with and learn everything from children’s’ names to favorite vacation spots. Many women find pole dance classes to be their sanctuary and a place where they can go and not have to worry about being a wife, mother, or daughter. Pole dance classes are a great way to build a community of new friends to escape your hectic life.

6.     New Workout Clothes – I am guessing if you have stuck to typical workouts, your attire consists of tank tops, leggings, running shorts, sneakers, etc. When you start pole dancing, you get to buy new clothes (hello shopping!). My heels are my gym shoes, the running shorts replaced with booty shorts, and the tank tops get smaller. The more you start to feel better about yourself, the more you will want to show off, and the shorter those shorts will get. You will be excited about your new workout and the fashion that comes with it!

7.     You Will Be Doing Something That You Want to Show Off – I am willing to bet you never get home from the gym and say "Look at my burpee technique!" Pole dance as exercise gives you something that you will want to show off to your friends or significant other. People are generally impressed that you have the nerve and confidence to do it.  There have been so many times where I have wanted to perform my dance moves to a group of friends and I can’t say the same thing for mountain climbers or push-ups. The next time your favorite song plays in the car or while you are out, you won’t hesitate to bust a move. Trust me.

8.     It’s Damn Fun – I cannot say this enough. It doesn’t feel like working out. You don’t even realize you had a good workout until you wake up sore the next day. You get to dance and move to music all while smizing at yourself and embracing your body. Many times people don’t stick to workouts simply because they don’t find them enjoyable. There are people who love burpees or who love running but I am not nor have I ever been one of those people. I would much rather do a twerk pole routine for a leg workout than lunges any day. If you are consistently doing any workout you enjoy, you will get results.