How To Feel Confident About Your First Pole Dance Class

So it’s time for your first class. Yay! I have taught private lessons and in class settings to beginners and this blog post will focus on what I have seen and observed over the years. I want your first class to be fun and exciting so here are some tips that will get you ready!

1.     Have fun and smile! Pole dance fitness is fun alternative to get in shape. Its not the gym! So make sure to have a good time! Smile at everyone you meet. I am all for a little liquid courage before class if it helps you loosen up but not too much! You will want to be able to actually learn something and do the moves!

2.     You will be sore the next day. If you haven’t been physically active in a while or even if you are physically active, you are going to be sore. Any soreness you feel is completely normal. Pole dancing uses some muscles in your body that don’t normally get any action. Just take a nice hot bath in Epsom Salt before you go bed :)

3.     Don’t push yourself too hard! You are going to start obsession over pole dancing. You will look at Instagram clips and think “Oh I want try that!” And one day you will but take your time and start slow. Let your body get used to the movements before you start trying new moves. If you try something in class and your body says “Hold up girl. What are you doing?” STOP. There is no need to risk injury because you are trying to do something you don’t feel comfortable doing. Ask the teacher during the class for modifications or after class if you just want to know if how a certain body part is feeling is normal. Your instructor will understand!

4.     Remove the self-doubt. It is completely okay if you don’t get a move on the first day. Learning any kind of new fitness is challenging. So no beating yourself up! I completely understand this feeling. At the first studio I attended I was the tallest and heaviest girl in the class. I never got the moves when my classmates did but I never let that stop me from trying. Again and again and again.

5.     Make new friends! I have met some of my best friends through pole dance classes. Don’t be too shy and talk to people. You can definitely benefit from networking in your class. For example, I now regularly travel with friends from pole dance class. My mentor is a rock star entrepreneur that I met at the studio. I created a network of women outside of my regular friend circle.

6.     This might seem simple but be on time. You are going to be nervous and excited. You don’t want to show up to your first class frustrated because you got lost or stuck in traffic. Most studios have a policy where you have to sign in 10-15 minutes before class starts so you don’t lose your spot or class credit. Keep this mind especially if you are visiting a studio for the first time and may be unfamiliar with the area. If your class is online, triple check your connection and login information to make sure you don’t miss anything.

7.     Dress Appropriately. More than likely you got some information from the studio about what to wear, what to bring, etc. Refer to that to prepare. Wear comfortable clothes and check with the studio you are going to for their heels policy. Some studios allow beginners to wear heels while some don’t. Make sure to have a towel (small or hand towel) and water! Shorts are best to wear so your legs can grip the pole for moves. The shorter the better! I personally love yoga shorts from Target and Walmart or boy shorts from Forever 21. They are super cheap, very comfortable, and show enough but not too much.

8.     DO NOT WEAR LOTION, OILS, GELS, LIQUIDS of any kind! People always ask me “So do you have to be really slippery to slide down the pole? What do you put on your body?” I do not put anything on my body and I am generally very ashy on days when I have practice or teach (shhhh that’s a secret.) Lotions and oils will cause you to be super slippery which makes it really hard to hold on to the pole. Additionally, those substances can be difficult to remove from the pole which makes it harder for the next class after yours. Pro-tip: Professional dancers in clubs use shaving cream (yes the kind in the can) so they don’t appear ashy while on stage.

9.     Heel selection is very important! Your first pair of heels does not have to be super fancy or super high. When I first started taking classes, I bought seven inch heels that I was not ready for AT ALL. Start with a low heel just to get used to dancing in them, then work your way up. Even Beyoncé doesn’t perform in seven inch heels ;)

10.  GET LOOSE. Yes, I quoted my favorite rapper T.I. because this is a very important point. GET LOOSE. Lose those inhibitions. Working out is a way to forget about everything terrible that might have happened in your day. Do some extra hip rolls, swing your hair over your shoulders, and bounce that booty a little bit. I promise you no one will judge you at all. So if you don’t remember anything else from this blog post, remember that!