What’s Stopping You? How To Eliminate Your Fear Of Pole Dancing

Taking pole dance fitness classes has many wonderful benefits. Physical benefits include weight loss, toned muscles, increased flexibility and many more! Pole dance has a lot of mental benefits as well including helping women get out of depression, increased self-esteem, and higher confidence levels. With all of these benefits you would think women would be clamoring to sign up for pole fitness classes but this isn’t the case. Some women have put up mental blocks when it comes to doing something good for themselves, thinking they have to get “ready” to pole dance. This isn’t the case at all. You possess everything you need to start. You don’t have to change to pole dance. Pole dance changes you.

I want to say first of all you are not alone in thinking you need to get ready to pole dance. I hear this from women often and I have gotten in the habit of asking for more information about what they mean. More often than not, women want to try pole dance and there is something mentally that is holding them up. It's “I don’t feel sexy” or “I am not a good dancer and I don’t want to feel bad” or “I just feel fat.” Well, pole dance is the only form of exercise I’ve experienced that helps me forget about all of that. By giving yourself these excuses you are getting in your own way from experiencing something awesome. Pole dance helps you feel better and get out of your head. No one cares if you aren’t good or don’t feel sexy, once you start dancing, you are doing something for you!

All women need something in their life that helps them to strip away their inhibitions. Something where they don’t think about their bodies and respectability. You should absolutely smack your butt and rub your vagina. In fact, it is encouraged! You should hump the floor and grind your hips. You should twerk like no one is watching. Women need a safe space where you can be as nasty as you want to be and pole dance provides that space. There is a high that comes with touching on yourself and feeling yourself in general that not one person can give to you or take away from you that pole dance provides. It is literally the best feeling ever especially when life isn’t going your way.

 When you take a pole dance class I want you to forget about the following things:

-The dumb job you hate that makes you work a lot of hours.

-The stupid boy you really like that won’t commit to you.

-The scale that said a dumb number when you stepped on it.

-Your children who won’t let you sleep in.

-The spouse that you love dearly but works your darn nerves.

-Anything else that is stressing you out.

I want you to forget about all of that ish when you step into a dance class and the magical thing that happens is you do. You might not think you are but the moment you decide, you pay, and you show up for a pole dance class all of that other stuff is going to go away and for that time you won’t even worry about it. Trust me. I have pole danced through the absolute worst times in my life. These include and are not limited to ending a long term relationship, getting fired from my dream job, getting my heart broken (like three times), being dead broke, and quitting my job. I don’t know how I would have gotten through any of these major life events without having something to look forward to.

Wouldn’t it be nice to do something where you can just let it go and have fun? To do something just for you? I feel like women these days don’t take nearly enough time for ourselves because we start to feel guilty when we do. It’s terrible. I see it in all women. Single. Married. Dating. Kids. No kids. We need to stop this. You deserve to do something for you. You deserve to feel sexy for a couple hours out of your day. YOU DESERVE!

I haven’t had a serious romantic partner the entire time I’ve been pole dancing. Yes honestly sometimes this makes me feel sad but most of the time I think about the awesome woman I am becoming for some lucky man. Not just because of the lap dances I have stored in my brain but because of the confidence and self-esteem boost I get from feeling good about myself. Now more than ever I feel like I only need to focus my attention on men who deserve me and all my awesomeness. This is one of the many ways pole dance has changed me for the better. 

I want all women to experience what I’ve experienced from pole dancing. I want women to get out of their heads and try something new that will boost their confidence. My students have so much satisfaction and joy after they leave a class and I believe every women who wants to try should try. Don’t let the mental barriers stop you. Break them up into little pieces throw them away and hop on the pole!